Pulsar was born in an era of optimism. In the 70s anything seemed possible thanks to the rapid growth in technology.



Space flight had gone from a dream to a reality, information technology developed at the speed of light and electronics seemed to advance every day. PULSAR simbolises this period; being new and adventurous. It was, and still is, surprising and different. PULSAR created the first digital LED watch in the world which amazed us when it was presented in New York, changing the perception of time throughout the globe.

Since its relaunch by SEIKO Watch Corporation, PULSAR has uncovered this narrow and difficult path to success, uniting design innovation with universal attraction. PULSAR’s proposal “Tell it your way” is based on the idea that each person who wears a watch is seeking, openly or subtly to express their individuality through it. PULSAR is a brand that understands this dynamic and continues to offer watch lovers the opportunity to find the watch that fits the narrative of their unique lives within the PULSAR collection.

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